DO THEY THINK WE CANNOT SEE WHAT THEY’RE DOING WITH KAVANAUGH? Kathryn Rubino says this which I’m going to quote in full:

[T]he variety of a decide’s hires are solely ever a problem when Republicans are up. It’s like they know their jurisprudence received’t maintain up on ladies’s points so the hiring of some ladies is dangled in entrance of us. Is it alleged to make up for the inevitable onslaught towards ladies’s rights that’s coming? F*ck that noise.

DOES ANYBODY REALLY THINK FREDO TRUMP TOOK THAT MEETING WITHOUT TELLING DADDY? The latest testimony that Trump has been lying all this time.

DO THE COPS THINK THEY CAN ENTRAP PORN STARS WITHOUT ANYONE NOTICING: Emails seem to confirm that Stormy Daniels’s arrest two weeks ago was a set-up.

ANYWAY, HERE’S YOUR SALARY SCORECARD FOR THIS WEEK: If your firm still hasn’t made raises, it might be time to call a recruiter.

WHAT’S THE GREATEST LAW SCHOOL MOVIE OF ALL TIME?: I had honestly never thought of Oompa-Loompas this way.

Elie Mystal is the Govt Editor of Above the Regulation and the Authorized Editor for More Perfect. He could be reached @ElieNYC on Twitter, or at [email protected]. He’ll resist.


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