DEBEVOISE AND PLIMPTON HAD AN UNSECURED DOCUMENT GOING AROUND ABOUT WHO WOULD BE PUSHED OUT: And, somehow, that truth is better than what it looked like was going on.

RUTH BADER GINSBURG THINKS SHE HAS FIVE GOOD YEARS LEFT ON THE COURT: I mean, Alexander the Great didn’t think he was going to die ether.

WILL ARIZONA STATE THROW A LIFELINE TO STUDENTS FROM ARIZONA SUMMIT: I think I’d like to see this happen. It’s not entirely the kids’ fault they got taken for a ride.

ABORTIONS FOR SOME, TINY AMERICAN FLAGS FOR OTHERS: Juniors at this firm will get a raise, but senior associates are getting squeezed.

AT WHAT POINT DO WE SAY THAT RUDY GIULIANI HAS BEEN TERRIBLE ALL ALONG? I mean, I’ve always said that, but more people see it now.

Elie Mystal is the Govt Editor of Above the Regulation and the Authorized Editor for More Perfect. He will be reached @ElieNYC on Twitter, or at [email protected]. He’ll resist.


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